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Anthony George Paints.

Painting to Order

Painting of all types --    Murals a specialty

Wouldn't a mural look great on that wall?!  

I also paint:
trompe-l'oeil and faux finishes of my own design or can enlarge any photo you may have and turn it into great art!         Landscape is my forte, especially Aerial Views, but I also love Flowers and Abstracts  I also do
- House portraits,
-Pet portraits,
, - Photography.  
AND I  paint and restore furniture, as well as do house and commercial painting.
   Yes, a Jack of all painterly trades....


   A good artist is able to paint nearly anything well.  I have beena painterall my life--houses and signs professionally, original art and murals for over 40 years.   I have also been a professor of Art History, Aesthetics, Humanities Through the Arts, and have taught painting.  I havean extensive knowledge of eras, world traditions, styles and trends.  I can paint for you whatever you would like, including original portraits.
I have gone through a few of my own phases.  Currently, I aminto the woods and have already developed many different styles and moods for them; I enjoy mixing or layering several styles and subjects in one: a path in the woods, which looks likea cathedral with arches, which looks like a grat stained-glass window, sometimes with a beautiful figure, all done in spattered color and light.  nThis has led to a very wide range of treatments and subjects, from classical portraits or statues in the woods to almost total abstraction--I like it all.  I am a Modernist who would like to be called a "Supetrnaturalist," because the work looks so alive.  
A great muralwill make any house unique and of greater value.  Let's talk!


Most of the paintings here are 30x24, oil on canvas, and cost between 500-1,000$ (by check or through Pay Pal).    I have a large stock of work on hand, smaller and larger.  I can paint like any  of the samples here or anything new, to any specifications you need.  I can also blow up any photos you may have.
     If you are thinking of commissioning something -- after the subject, the main elements to consider are: background, principle colors, and style.  Murals like the one above are my greatest love.  I am very fast, very neat, inexpensive, and very discrete.  We would fully consult and agree on most details beforehand.
I live and work in a western suburb of Boston, and would love to hear from you for any comments or questions.  
email: AnthonyGeorgePaints@gmail.com

        Looking for representation.

If you are interested in my Philosophy book, The Human Endeavor, it can be bought for 9.99 on Kindle, or 49.99 in print at Amazon.  The link is http://www.Amazon.com/dp/BOOJJWD2JQ.  

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