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Hello     This is
Anthony George Paints.
[aka George A. George, Ph.D. in Humanities]

Painting to Order

Painting of all types --    Murals a specialty

Wouldn't a mural look great on that wall?!  

trompe-l'oeil and faux finishes, of my own design or yours-- enlarge any photo you may have and turn it into great art!         Landscape is my forte, especially Aerial Views, but I also love Flowers and Abstracts  I also do
- House portraits,
-Pet portraits,
, - Photography.  
AND I  paint and restore furniture, as well as do house and commercial painting.
   Yes, a Jack of all painterly trades, with vast experience, always looking for aesthetical work! 


Cathedral Wood.jpg Mural (after Giverny) 10+ x 14 feet

Most of the canvasses here are 30x24, oil on canvas, and cost 1,000$ (by check, credit or through Pay Pal).    I have a large stock of work on hand, smaller and larger.  I can paint like any  of the samples here or anything new, to any specifications you need. 
     If you are thinking of commissioning something --after the subject-- the main elements to consider are: background, principle color scheme, and style.  Murals like the one above right and on the last page are my greatest love.  I am very fast, very neat, inexpensive, and very discrete.  We would fully consult and agree on most details beforehand.
I live and work in a western suburb of Boston, and would love to hear from you for any comments or questions.  
email: AnthonyGeorgePaints@gmail.com

        Looking for representation.

If you are interested in my major book on Philosophy, The Human Endeavor: The Logic of Learning and Liberal Education, it can be bought for 5.49$ on Kindle, or 59.99$ in print at Amazon.com 
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