Green Dragon.jpg  30x40 inches  1600$

Personal Exhibitions:                                                                                                                                                                   

1.   The Netherbow Arts Centre                                                         Edinburgh, Scotland, 1978

2.   The Netherbow Arts Centre                                                         Edinburgh, 1981

3.   The Lansing Art Gallery                                                              Lansing, Mi., 1982

4.   The pArtners Gallery                                                                   Okemos, Mi., 1983

5.   The Cultural Center of Northern Greece                                   Thessalonica, Greece, 1984

6.   The American Center                                                                    Thessalonica, 1985

7.   Art Expressions Gallery                                                              Melbourne, Fl. 1988

8.   The Scots Kirk                                                                             Paris, France, 1990

9.   La Broque-Cadeau                                                                       Paris, 1991

10. The Oglesby Gallery                                                                   Tallahassee, Fl., 1996

11. The Oglesby Gallery                                                                   Tallahassee, 1998

12. The Brush and Palette                                                                 Tallahassee, 2000

13. The Plaza Gallery                                                                        Brookline, Ma, 2001

14.  Wellesley Free Library                                                               Wellesley, Ma, 2006, 2011, 2019
15. Artmosphere Gallery, Boston, Ma. May 2010 
16. Various local shops


Artist’s Statement:

            As a painter, I want to make images that look alive and invigorate the mind, delectable objects that want to be touched, and that are interesting from any distance.  I use a lot of color, texture, and movement, in a semi-abstract manner, so as to charge the imagination.  If a pose or a scene is interesting enough, sometimes I am content to just imitate it well.  Sometimes I like to try to find the more general essence of things, especially flowers, trees, parks, or the countryside.  Occasionally, I arrive at an entirely new treatment of a traditional subject, or even a new subject all my own.  My forte is landscape, especially aerial views, for they bring fresh perspectives and endless variety and fascination.  Such landscapes help me to see a higher context for life, and they improve my sense of the environment and ecology.  I seldom go into complete abstraction, easy and fun though that is.  I still learn more about the world, about art, and new techniques when keeping a connection to nature, while rising above her.  My ideal canvasses are walls -- Murals.
          My mom had me painting the house at 5.  I also did it professionally later, both residential and commercial.  I also painted signs for years, including the big old billboards on the roadside, trucks, and cars.  Later I became a professor of Art History, Aesthetics, Philosphy, and Religions--the Humanities, as well as of Painting.  I know paint, and I know eras, world traditions, styles and trends.  I have gone through a few phases of my own.  Currently, I am into the woods and have developed many original styles and moods, mostly Modernist and Painterly-Colorist.  Now I enjoy mixing and layering them--a path in the woods becomes a cathedral with arches and stained-glass windows, with a beautiful saint/friend, all in spattered color and light.  A mural will make any house uniquely alive and of greater value.  Let's talk.


George Anthony George


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