Mount Olympos.jpg
35x24   (all in inches)
Oil on Canvas

Hello and welcome to Art by  George
  Anthony George,
Painter of all types.
This is a small sampling of my paintings.
I also do Calligraphy, paint signs, faux finishes, trompe l'oeil, portraits of people, pets and houses, as well as refurbish furniture.

My preference and specialty is murals--wouldn't a mural look Great on that wall!
And make your space unique.
In addition, I make sculpture and statues for gardens using ceramics, stone, metal or whatever.
30x24  Oil on Canvas

Snow as far as you can see.
Airial views sic, are the best. I've flown a lot, and even climbed Mt. Olympos.  I usually paint in a Modern, Colorist, Painterly fashion, but if you have a favorite photo you'd like "blown up," I can do realism, too.
As a professor of Art History, I do know styles and can paint in almost any.  
Japanese City.jpg

Height gives us  perspective on our relationship with Nature and reality, or at least what's left of it....

Light Into the Dark.jpg
30x24 Oil on Canvas

This is actually my very first oil painting from many years ago.  It's funny how some subjects stick with you.
French Village.jpg
25x21 3/4  Oil on panel

Somehow, I was able to work, study and paint in Greece and Paris for four years (hand-to-mouth, truth be told), largely for historical and artistic perspective.  This shows a curvy old road and a newer straight road, right before landing....  Landscape can tell a story about one's life.
South Carolina Coastal.jpg
30x24 Oil on canvas

Always the window seat.
Sorry about the glare.  It hides two tiny speed-boats and their wakes; the surface is too shiny.
Dive In!.jpg  or Splash!
34x22  Oil on canvas

This is the first time I threw and poured paint.  It is so spontaneous and alive.  I have done a lot of it ever since.
Spring Trellis.jpg
36x24  Oil on Canvas
800$       SOLD

My two favorite parks in all the world are in Charleston, with so many Azalea, statues, and those Cypress with Spanish moss, reflected in ponds and the Ashley River, so moody and romantic.  They too have inspired all kinds of work ever since.
Sinuous Spring.jpg
36x36  Oil on Canvas

This is my favorite size and shape; the spattering shows how Spring is super-fine.
Idyl.jpg  (or Gardyl)
36x24 Oil on Canvas

This may be a controversial subject for some, but not me.  Nature is good and the most beautiful thing of all is a person, who gives greater meaning to the whole.  It is a genre, anyway, like Botticelli's Venus, and madonnas in gardens.  Also, one of my first paintings was Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and this is my latest.  We need to get back to the garden, not keep burning and building on it.
Idle Idyl Ideal Idol.jpg
30x30  Oil on canvas

I also like to mix all my styles, sometimes, and my most favorite kind of spectacle is Ballet, here, in a kind of Nebula.
Flower Jumble.jpg
18x25  Oil on Panel

You can do anything with flowers!
Flower Girl.jpg
24x30  Oil on paper

Simple poses are the best.  And I do them in all my favorite colors.
Stained Glass Window with My Saint.jpg
30x24  Oil on Panel

Also love Gothic Cathedrals, both real and romantic.  I just made this one up with my Best Friend as Saint.
29x25  Oil on panel

A fellow English Teacher in Greece, sitting in front of a tapestry.  She was unique.
Cocktail Party.jpg
24x30  Oil on Panel

Light drama.
Love Poem.jpg
13x9 1/2  Oil on panel

I love invention.
Paris Cafe.jpg
24x30  Oil on canvas
NFS  because it's my wife on our honeymoon.
But if you have a favorite photo you'd like made into something.... 
Aesthetics and Painting Poster.jpg

At long last, I became a Ph. D. and professor of Humanities, including Aesthetics and Painting, and made posters to get students to sign up.  I also make them whenever I have a show, to put up in shop windows.  I have a lot, which I will send you for 100$, if you are a collector.
Spring Arbor.jpg
30x24 Oil on canvas

When I was young, the woods and fields were the only things around, so "Walks in the Woods" are my most common subject, as you will see.  But probably not like you've ever seen, since I am all about finding new ways to look at nature, which seem to be endless like Her.
Spring Wood with Dogwood.jpg
30x24  Oil oncanvas

Stained Forest Light.jpg
24x18  Oil on canvas

Rather like a cathedral rear window.
Backyard Classic.jpg
40x30  Oil on canvas

When the leaves are all gone but there's no snow, yet, the colors are few but still rich.  I put this statue in the vernal pool behind our house, here frozen, because I think she represents hearth and home in a wild and complex world.
Garden statues add a lot.  Can I sculpt one for you?
Autumn Paths.jpg
30x40  Oil on canvas

A three-aisled cathedral?
Sketch for a pas de Deux.jpg
30x24  Oil on canvas

Variations on a scene and style.
Summer Dress.jpg
36x24 Oil on canvas

A glorious park, a pond, a girl....
Red Lights.jpg
30x24  Oil on Canvas

More abstract but still a walk in the woods.
After Practice.jpg
30x24  Oil on canvas

If I painted Biblical miniatures (or danced).
Golden Autumnal.jpg
30x24  Oil on canvas

One of my first "spatters."
White Mountains.jpg
40x30  Oil on Canvas

The tallest mountains in the east are not always white.
Greater New England.jpg
30x30  Oil on Canvas
1100$       SOLD

I used a dozen maps and atlases for this and they were all different.  It gives the character of the region.  I guess even continents -- and Reality change.

( I will do another version, soon....)
Hi everyone.  Yes, this is me a few years ago.  I started out in Lansing, as George, then lived in Scotland, Greece and Paris, then got my Ph.D. in Tallahassee (2000) and moved to Boston to teach college.  Now I mostly paint and make sculpture while taking care of family and home.  Always looking for commissions, representation, and places to show.  Let's talk!MindMap.jpg

This is a poster illustrating my (large) book on Philosophy called,
The Human Endeavor: The Logic of Learning and Liberal Education.  It is about what a full well-rounded education means and how we think about life in the universe.  Everyone should make their own poster about all of their concepts.  Or I can send you a large paper copy of this tenth iteration of mine for 50$.  The book is avalable from Amazon.
Introduction,with Backgrounds and Hormones.jpg
30 x 30
When two worlds collide....

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